CATS Protection is always horrified to learn of cases where cats have been injured or killed after being shot with an air gun.

Sadly, we regularly receive reports of horrific cases where cats have suffered agonising injuries – often fatal – as a result of the indiscriminate use of air guns. Cats that survive frequently sustain lifechanging injuries, such as limb amputation or loss of an eye.

Air guns are unlicensed in England and Wales meaning that they can be legally owned by anyone over 18. This is in contrast with Scotland and Northern Ireland, which have sensible laws in place.

It can be no coincidence that 90 per cent of the air gun attacks on cats reported in the UK are in England and Wales.

Cats Protection is determined to change this, and our petition calling on the Government to introduce the licensing of air guns in England and Wales has gathered over 110,000 signatures. Please sign our petition at We’d also ask anyone with any information about shooting incidents to report them to either the police or RSPCA.

Jacqui Cuff Head of advocacy & government relations