I WONDER where Mr/Ms Robinson lives and how long you have lived there?

Suppose you’ve lived somewhere for many years, and then suddenly, through no fault of your own, you find yourself next to where HS2 is going to be laid?

That’s not my choice that the government has decided to lay the tracks next to my house, so do I move, even if I can’t afford to, just to get away?

And yet Mr/Mrs Robinson uses the same fatuous argument about me living in the town centre.

I’ve lived here a long time, but the makers market has been here for less than five years, and throughout that time I have asked the council to move it and do something about it.

So do I move?

Do I heck, I will carry on fighting so the council must listen to those of us who live in the town centre and hate the market’s disruption; five years is too long for the council not to listen.

They are supposed to be there to listen to us residents, not ignore us.

Move the market, councillors! The Waitrose car park is a good option.

Jo Carter Knutsford