CAN you imagine what it would be like to stand up in a meeting at work or to be at the supermarket checkout or at the school gates and have a seizure?

March 26 is Purple Day, a special event in the calendar dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy and helping people to understand the impact the condition can have on a person’s life.

This year, at the Epilepsy Society, we are encouraging people to ‘be the conversation starter’ and talk to others about the condition.

At the same time we are encouraging people to raise vital funds that will help our scientists to continue with their groundbreaking research to understand the causes of epilepsy and how it might be better treated.

For one in three people with epilepsy, their seizures cannot be controlled with current treatments.

This can affect their employment, education, ability to drive and most of all their confidence and enjoyment of the daily pleasure of life.

All things that so many of us take for granted.

If you know someone with epilepsy, please show them your support on Purple Day by wearing something purple, starting a conversation or helping us to raise important funds. Visit

Clare Pelham Epilepsy Society