THE EU is essentially a protection zone designed to privilege producers within its member states.

The system of high tariffs (we will actually be reducing tariffs overall in the event of a no deal Brexit) and subsidies, such as the monstrously wasteful Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) continues to penalise people in some of the poorest countries in the world by undermining their comparative advantage in primary and secondary sector industries.

This retards the advancement of developing countries to the benefit of rich Europeans, an institutional injustice of which it has been profoundly unethical for our country to be part.

Given how irreformable the EU is, as discovered by both David Cameron and Theresa May, these issues are insuperable, which is why we now need to completely reclaim our sovereign powers and choose to take our country in another liberal and internationalist direction.

Our country could lead the world as an example of freedom justice and openness.

So, far from the caricature of leavers as insular, leaving will make our country a force for real good in the world unhampered by the democratically unaccountable protectionist racket that is the EU.

If we have the vision, we can be free.

David Roberts Wilmslow