ANOTHER year, and more misery for town centre residents.

Members of our town council, having refused to listen to the town centre residents, or even come and talk to us, will soon be facing re-election by everyone in the town, and no doubt will be all over us telling us how wonderful for the town the makers market is.

But residents must not be fooled.

This market makes a lot of money for organisers and stallholders but does virtually nothing financially for our town.

The town council admitted it raises a ‘couple of thousand pounds’ only.

So we are enduring misery every month and enduring the danger of no emergency services response in the town centre due to access issues, just for £200 a month to go to the council.

The council needs to think again and move this market to the car park behind Waitrose where it won’t block the streets and endanger lives.

Councillors, please do something before we vote you out of office in May for ignoring us.

Jo Carter Knutsford