IT is incredibly important to vote yes in the local referendum.

Please don’t think this isn’t important and you won’t bother to vote, or vote no because of some technicality.

Understand that if we vote no as a town, we get unfettered development, and there’s nothing the councils can do to stop this.

We need this vote to be overwhelmingly yes to show that we are saying no to the developers who will simply pile their applications in to develop green belt around us and we won’t be able to do anything about it because we have no local plan in place.

This plan has been discussed with many groups over years, and we must now support it by voting yes.

Although I am a little cynical of referendums after our last national experience resulted in division and stalemate, this local one really is so important that anyone not voting yes is not thinking straight about the future of our town, and the danger posed of unfettered development without a local plan.

Abi Jones Via email