MY family and I have had the pleasure of walking in Toft Woods since 1981.

In those days official access was via the public footpath from Goughs Lane to Seven Sisters Lane and the footpath from Chelford Road in to the woods.

I recall a ‘paint ball’ enterprise operating in the woods at Windmill Wood with very obvious signage and plastic tape indicating entry was not permitted from the public footpath.

Happily, that enterprise disappeared and the woods have returned to their natural (managed) state.

Now a haven for wildlife and an area where one can visit to observe the beauty of nature and also to be able introduce one’s children, and now grandchildren to the marvels of woodland life.

What concerns me as well as the pathway from Toft Church into Toft Woods being closed is that at the other end of this wildlife haven in Windmill Wood there is a large sign on Chelford Road announcing the forthcoming development of a four bedroom house set in five acres of beautiful woodland.

Are we not focussing rather too much on the Toft end of these woods to realise that there could be a steady advancement of development under way?

How is it, since Christmas when the sign/s at both Toft Church and Chelford Road went up, no-one has commented on the impending development of Windmill Wood?

Surely Cheshire East and our own parish council have some knowledge of what is proposed and have sanctioned this forthcoming development.

If the farmer is concerned over people and animals trampling his crops then why not do what most other farmers do, provide adequate fencing?

I do agree that access and use of this lovely woodland by too many community dog walkers has had some detrimental effect which has sadly resulted in the majority of us innocent walkers, dog walkers, youth group users etc to be penalised by complete closure from this point.

It doesn’t mean that these persons will not continue to access the woods; access can still be gained via the Goughs Lane entrance, as a recent letter in your paper explains.

Does anyone know what actually is happening in the woods?

The woods were up for sale three years ago, both Windmill Wood and commonly known as Toft Wood. At the auction at Cottons Hotel I believe they did not sell.

Why can’t we all just agree to pop a few bob in an honesty box in the wall at Toft Church for the pleasure of visiting the church and for using the car park and walking in the woods?

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