IT was great to read Michael Johnson’s letter, but reading the never ending hostility between Remainers and Brexiters who seem incapable of empathising with other people’s views, makes you wonder how we ended up in this situation.

With Left Wingers in parliament who despise anyone who is (to use their terms), Blue Labour, eg anyone who cares about family, religion or nation.

And Right Wingers, whose main belief seems go no further than the economic benefits of cheap labour.

Isn’t it time we had a middle of the road party that actually listens to the views of the people in the middle?

I recently came upon a grass roots organisation called United for Change, which is working towards a way forward that would enable (quote) debating not dividing; a commitment to doing what’s best for the long-term interests of our families and our communities and putting our country before party to address the biggest issues of our time.

It may be naïve beyond belief, but isn’t it worth signing up at ( to receive updates about how they are progressing.

I have no connection whatsoever to this organisation, just a feeling that their views might be worth listening to.

Barry Ross Knutsford