HAVE you driven down Plumley Moor Road recently, observing its condition as a member of the public not as a member of Cheshire East Council?

The road is a nightmare with big holes, and not just potholes, at various locations. Several times recently cars have approached me on my side of the road simply so that they could avoid such holes.

In particular there are ‘holes’ including potholes, manholes that are much lower than the road surface and areas where previous repairs are breaking up.

There are too many to list but in particular there is ‘manhole’ opposite Holly Tree Riding Stables about which CEC has been informed on several occasions, a large pothole just past the garden centre in the Knutsford direction plus general bad road surface around the bends up to the junction with A5081.

There are, of course, many others which can be seen very easily – if someone actually wanted to.

Does CEC still bother to actually inspect the roads and pavements, for obvious problems or does it now wait until members of the public report them?

It would seem the latter because there is very little evidence that it is actually making repairs around here and this may be due to people not bothering to report problems as nothing actually gets done.

That includes me latterly.

It is a fact, as I have experienced again recently, that the roads in CEC are some of the worst in the country.

Why is that when our council tax is one of the highest?

I, and others it would seem, really have lost all confidence in CEC and its members to use our money efficiently and carefully and in consequence our infrastructure is decaying and will now cost a lot more to rectify than if repairs had been addressed promptly and properly.

When someone invents a device to monitor and measure the impact of bad road surfaces on vehicle suspension, wheel and tyres, councils such as CEC will be flooded with compensation claims.

Then repairs will be made promptly and properly.

Paul Beacock Knutsford