MY wife, Birgitte Futtrup, lived with a family of Knutsford in 1973.

It was the Crosby family. The father was John Crosby a professor in physics and chemistry whose hobby was building of private aeroplanes. The mother was Deirdre Crosby and the children were Bridget, Polly and James.

My wife would very much like to know what has come of them all.

And she has had no luck in tracing them on the internet. Can you, maybe, help?

Also she would like information about a couple living in a house called Toft End, probably at the end of Toft Road or something like that.

It was a Danish-British couple, Tony (architect) and Marion, they had two children Philippa and Christopher.

My wife thinks of them a lot and would like to send more than just kind thoughts to those who still remain. Thank you very much. Our details are 4792 Askeby, Denmark;; Birgitte Gorm Rasmussen