LOCALLY, 55 per cent of us voted ‘Remain’. MP Esther McVey avoids stating her position to her constituents, on the subject. Her exchanges on Twitter are more enlightening.

Is this general silence caused by the roughly 50/50 split between Brexiters and Remainers, who are afraid to talk to each other particularly at a time when massive compromises are needed?

Esther McVey was elected locally on a Conservative majority and she promotes government policies (particularly hard Brexit), mainly on behalf of local Conservatives.

It is important to remind ourselves that 55 per cent of local people voted to Remain. On your letters page, Sara Murphy and others claim that this percentage has now risen to 57 per cent.

This puts Ms McVey’s local position in a very tricky spot – do we require her as our representative to vote for Brexit to vote Remain as we voted? So why has she seen fit to ignore the express wish of our local electorate and vote for Brexit?

Will Ms McVey publicly consult with all of us on her voting, as is her duty, perhaps in the Knutsford Guardian?

Secondly, surely the stand off between Brexiters and Remainers ought to stop immediately and both sides should compromise effectively, particularly after the inconclusive Commons votes.

We all need to seek ‘middle of the road’ solutions to get broad consensus for us local people, whatever our political leanings.

Social cohesion is essential at this time. Let’s have some proper democracy locally and in Parliament.

Michael Johnson Knutsford