FOLLOWING the excellent letter from Ingerlise Bulloch, it is becoming clear that ‘fake news’ has percolated into even local issues over a footpath.

Having been dog owners since 1987 we’ve used the Windmill/Toft Woods walk regularly for 30 plus years.

Like Ingerlise, this has been a regular weekly walk for us, and many other Knutsfordians. The paths are well worn and very easy to follow, and although there is a flattened edge around one of the fields, it is well away from the crop and generally only used once the crop has been taken from the field in any case.

The assertion that the footpath from Toft church down to the woods is full of dog excrement is an untruth. The assertion that the car park has been fouled by dogs is an untruth. The assertion that the fields are trampled and crops destroyed is an untruth.

In all the time we have gone to the church car park, there has been just one time that it was full during the week when we arrived.

I am beginning to feel bullied for owning a dog and wanting to go for a walk. The argument about dog poo being everywhere is simply not true. For every careless dog owner, there are many, many more responsible ones. Don’t forget, we don’t want to step in dog poo any more than non-dog walkers.

I would urge every person who has ever used the Toft church path into Windmill Wood to contact to get your form filled in to get the Definitive Map changed to recognise the blocked path as a bona fide public footpath.

Lisa Pritchard Via email