I READ with interest the views expressed in Ingerise Bulloch’s letter Car park was always empty.

I pass the church half a dozen times each day during an average week. Invariably I now glance over to see what’s happening on the car park and the majority of the time (apart from Sundays) it stands gloriously empty. I agree with Ingerise...what a great shame that the church cannot countenance its continued use by the wider community.

To be fair I sense that the church does already take the interests of the wider community to heart in a number of other respects – it would be extraordinary and very unchristian if it didn’t.

If asked I feel sure the church could reel off various ways it reaches out to the wider community and is a force for good in that community. But for the moment the church has angered dozens and dozens of members of the community on this issue and is perceived by many to have acted selfishly.

So what should happen now? I know for sure that a group of people who used to use the car park for the purpose of walking in the woods would be prepared to give the church an undertaking to use their best efforts to keep the car park clean and free of litter.

Also to make a financial contribution to the maintenance of the turf on the overflow section of the car park, which gets churned up in winter. Also, to steer clear on Sundays and days when for example a wedding is to be held.

Will the church reach out and to try and find an accommodation with the community? It will be interesting to see.

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