OUR MP Esther McVey does not need to meet with the members of Wilmslow for Europe or her constituents in Tatton.

The result of the referendum was leave by a majority of 1,269,501 even though every household received a Government-funded leaflet heavily in favour of Remain.

The ballot paper asked two simple questions – Remain or Leave – there was no mention of a deal.

Esther McVey is doing what every politician of all parties and remain supporters should be doing, obeying the will of the majority of people.

I and other Leavers voted to take back sovereignty of our country, make our own laws, trade with any country we choose and to take control of our borders etc.

Britain functioned perfectly well before we joined the EU and will continue to prosper outside the EU.

It is high time that the Remainers accepted the result of the referendum; after all we Conservatives have to accept the General Election results when Labour win and vice versa.

June Proctor via website