WILMSLOW for Europe looks like an offshoot of Mumsnet, with three women worried that they won’t be able to get their Beaujolais after Brexit while trying to sound high minded.

Just for the record, Wilmslow has large numbers of people, especially near Handforth, who voted to leave.

In their letter, the women acknowledge we voted to leave, but somehow claim that we never voted to leave without a deal at all.

Actually, no. Most Leavers had their eyes wide open when they voted despite attempts by remain to smear their intelligence.

They knew quite well that Europe would be utterly intransigent when it came to leaving.

After all, we make a huge contribution to Europe financially, and if we leave, who is going to pay for all the nice new infrastructure in Greece, Italy and Spain, while ours is falling apart?

Witness the number of potholes in our roads.

If we weren’t sending money to the EU, we could have better roads, better NHS, better schools, in fact, we would be much better off.

Leavers knew that Europe would make it impossible to leave, including getting behind another vote.

If you don’t get the right answer, then vote again. Ireland had to vote three times to give the right answer.

No, pro Europeans don’t understand that when Leavers voted to leave, we voted to leave, to make our nation strong and independent again, without having to bow before the unelected Mr Juncker and his bureaucracy sounding off about what we can and can’t do.

The EU, with its fifth column of remain activists here, is intent on leaving our nation worse off while we continue feeding the immature babies of Europe who depend on our subsidies.

Leaving on WTO terms sounds like a good deal, and Parliament should get on with it.

Roger Clarke Knutsford