ON your letters page of January 31, Chris Watkins cautions against, ‘giving sway to Remainers’ and insists that there is no option but to leave the EU on March 29.

To him I would say, the Conservative government has had two and a half years to find a way of enacting the ‘democratic mandate’ of the 2016 referendum result without causing untold damage to the country – and they have utterly failed.

This Government is at an impasse because they know this.

They are at an impasse because they are aware that the consequences of forcing the ‘mandate’ of the advisory referendum will be the end of the Conservative Party, since the voters of this country will neither forgive nor forget the damage it will inflict on us.

The point of democracy is to work for the common good.

Democracy should not be about enforcing a mandate when all reliable evidence shows it will be damaging to the people. ‘Leavers’ who cling on to this notion of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, fundamentally misunderstand the motivation of us ‘Remainers.’ We are not fighting against the result of the referendum which is past its sell-by date, we are fighting for the future of our country.

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