WE hope you will print our letter for those who work in or have retired from local government in the areas of Cheshire, Warrington, and Halton As local pensioners of the council, we wonder what can be next?

So far we have found that our pension fund has invested in Wonga, tobacco companies, the infamous tax avoiders, companies that carry out fracking, gambling companies, arms manufacturers, outsourcing companies, Carillion, and also that we own buildings that are mostly in the south east.

But it can get worse, it seems.

Now we have found that from one of those buildings in London, we get rental income – from a strip club. Yes, that’s right - a strip club.

Given the number of low-paid staff here in Cheshire in our councils, many of who are female, this is an insult.

Cheshire Pension Fund has nearly 100,000 members in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton.

We say that the trustees of the fund must take some sort of moral stance and start to build sustainable communities here.

Last year we formed CPF Members Forum to campaign for an annual general meeting to discuss a better set of investments such as social housing, local investing, renewable energy projects, or IT networks for our communities.

If you live here you pay Council Tax, which funds pension fund investments. If you work for one of the councils, this is your future. If you draw a pension this is how it is earned.

We know our pension is the envy of many, some call it ‘gold-plated’, which is why we say we must also set a lead in sustainable investing for our local communities.

We are asking pensioners and employees to visit our website, and complete the contact page for more details, and join our campaign for an annual meeting.

Cheshire Pension Fund Members Forum