WE have arrived at a Brexit impasse, what with the Speaker abandoning protocol and Parliamentarians choosing to override the electorate.

But it is more than that.

Giving sway to the Remainers, in the face of the largest vote ever to the contrary, is a serious threat to our constitution and beyond dangerous.

Cabinet must abandon this nonsense and the Government must take authority and govern.

Members of the Conservative Party must be brought to account and be told that there is no option to Leaving the EU on March 29 and if that means on a global trade basis (ie WTO terms) then so be it.

It is in the interests of the DUP to agree.

Tory members must realise that unless they act as one, many will find themselves on the wrong side of the electorate at the next General Election – can’t they understand why Corbyn is crying out for one?

Chris Watkin via email