WITH regard to the large general council tax rises to come in 2019, together with precepts for care, fire, increasing parish/town council costs and a large additional increase for the police, once again we see the taxation burden being moved from national to local.

This is unfair as it is basically a flat-rate tax, not based on ability to pay, but merely the area and house you happen to live in, and it can result in a large proportion of gross income being taken, and, I might add, not spent wisely or well, reference the recent enquiry re the Chief Constable of Cheshire.

Once again the money spent on procedure and not services.

We seem to be faced with yet another of theses forthcoming costly referendum on whether to have cabinet or committee local government.

Once again hard-pressed funds that could be spent more wisely.

Surely there must be some form of income based fairer taxation in the future?

Until then, more and more local residents will find themselves struggling under this unfair burden.

D Bennett Wilmslow