AS I read the column concerning Knutsford May Day by the aptly named ‘Fly in the Ointment’ a few things came to mind.

The first was how easy it is to criticise under the cloak of anonymity, especially when having adopted the persona of an insect that is known for its habit of regurgitating excrement onto things and thus spoiling them.

My second thought was remembering my last May Day as a spectator. I saw a very large number of children in the parade. Were they sullen and tearful having been selected or de-selected, mocked or belittled? I didn’t think so.

Most if not all looked to be having fun, smiling and seeming to be having a great day.

Previous experience of several years ago, when my own children took part was that a number of generous and (of course unpaid) volunteers spent very many hours making the whole event safe and fun for literally hundreds of Knutsford children (not just a single May Queen), their proud parents, families and friends.

I think it is fair to say that the May Day is one of the defining elements of Knutsford’s personality, it is a day of inclusion and smiles for the townsfolk young and old.

It is also, importantly, a day of busy shops, restaurants and bars.

It follows nights of rehearsals led by volunteers and leads to days of collecting back costumes, some I am told that are soiled, in disrepair or both, all this done by a group that is uncomplaining, dedicated and dare I say traditional.

If the ‘Fly’ has such strong opinions (which in reality I doubt) why not consider the following – either volunteer for five years to work with the committee and help maintain and yes, evolve this amazing resource, or using his insect like skills, campaign for the fine Cheshire Constabulary to waive the several thousand pounds fee they charge for policing the event.

Or just possibly, instead of being a cheerleader for the cheerless, who seem only able to find fault and offence in everything, he might find it in his segmented body to say thank you to the organisers.

Vapona (AKA Stephen Falder) Knutsford