I HAVE used the path in to the wood via Toft Church for 35 years.

I know people who have walked this way from a being children some of whom are now in their 80s.

The church hall is used by Brownies, Cubs and Scouts who in the spring and summer months make trips down the path to play games in the wood or do orienteering.

There are many runners and dog walkers who use this path. Most of them are caring individuals with a love for the countryside and the creatures living there.

I would make some points.

Situated on Toft Road, pointing to the church, is a Cheshire County Council sign indicating a public walk way.

This sign has been there for many years – as long as I have been walking on this path.

There are no signs saying this is a permitted path either on the road or in the church yard. It may be useful for bins to be place on the path to put dog waste in as there is on Goughs Lane entrance.

The church should be at the heart of the community and inclusive for all. By taking this action they are alienating themselves from sections of the community.

If the volume of traffic using the church car park is a at times a issue then restrictive access notices or charges could be implemented.

Maureen Lees Knutsford