I, ALONG with many others, am totally outraged at the sudden closure and sealing off of the footpath from Toft Church to Toft Woods. The points raised in

F Holmes’s letter are exactly how we all feel. The fact that the church got it closed just in time for the Christmas break is almost laughable. Is that goodwill towards all people?

This has had an impact on a lot of people. Those wishing to visit the churchyard from the woods can no longer do that. Families who want to take their kids for a walk and let them out of the car safely are using Goughs Lane as are the elderly to walk their dogs. Many runners also used the footpath and of course the dog owners.

The church wants to eradicate anyone who wishes to use the virtually empty car park for ‘non church business’. No doubt people will be welcomed back with open arms when the church summer fair and the dog show is on. This is absolutely unbelievable.

Martha Webb Via email