SO they are trying to improve the cost of HS2 by increasing the number of trains.

Who are all these people who will be making use of the ‘seven trains an hour’ may I ask?

It won’t be the tourists to London because the majority of them will continue to use the traditional railway which will undoubtedly cost at lot less.

They will also be much handier to catch from a local station without the bother of taking an expensive train into Manchester, heading in the wrong direction for 45 minutes in order to catch another train that will supposedly get you to London in an hour.

If I travel 10 minutes up the road I get a train that takes just one hour and 50 minutes anyway from Wilmslow to London.

It won’t be businessmen travelling on the HS2 either because as technology improves the need for commuting diminishes.

Virtual meetings continue to become the norm, saving man hours and money in getting members of staff from A to B.

By the time HS2 is built there will be very few people commuting and those who do tend to work on the train anyway so why would they spend more money getting there slightly quicker.

I just wonder how much amazing work could be done to improve our current railway system and rolling stock with £56 billion.

Carole Siwek Via Facebook