I WRITE with regards to the sudden blocking off and closure of the footpath linking Toft Church with Toft Wood.

I have been using this footpath for years (it has been a there for more than 25 years) recently for walking my dogs, and before then just to go for a walk with family around the lovely woods.

Two weeks ago a notice was put up on the gate of intention to close this footpath.

Then, before anyone had a chance to ask why, it was fully blocked off within four days.

I will be in touch with the parish council, but I do wish to say that this is the most un-Christian like behaviour.

The car park is empty six and a half days of the week, and in all the years I have been using it to park, there are only ever about four cars in it, all owned by dog walkers and hardly causing any problems.

We are now forced to park on Goughs Lane, causing a major traffic hazard and more than likely upsetting the residents of Goughs Lane.

It is a very sad day when a church on the borders of a small town in the countryside bans people the use of a footpath to go for a walk.

What is the world coming to?

F Holmes Knutsford