HAVING read patiently all the letters regarding Brexit on the Opinion page, one thing leaps out.

The referendum was one person, one vote.

How a constituency voted, or a region, or a city, as a whole voted was, and is, entirely irrelevant.

This is another example of how people are misled by how our press and other media chooses to categorise things. If something is said or written often enough then people don’t question it and somehow it becomes a ‘fact’.

Just because a majority of people who live in the Tatton constituency voted Remain rather than leave is a point of interest – but nothing more.

It was my individual vote, and your individual vote that were counted up and created the result, not the first past the post voting that happens in local and general elections.

Esther McVey’s vote was also counted as an individual vote.

As the majority result was Leave, then she has no problem supporting that.

Had the vote been to remain as part of the EU, then, as a public servant, she would have to uphold and support a remain outcome instead.

I agree entirely that the premise of the referendum was poorly considered and not thought out.

I would have supported a referendum that stated that at least 55-60 per cent of the population needed to support one view for the result to be valid, that the referendum should have been advisory, and that considerations such as Northern Ireland should have been taken into account prior to any announcement of a referendum.

However, we are where we are, and because of that we should all work together to ensure that the outcome for UK is positive.

Our politicians are not good role models, so it must be up to us – the general public – to rise above the in-fighting and support each other through this very unsettling period, however we voted.

Lisa Pritchard Via email