THE Wilmslow4Europe street stall on a rainy Saturday, December 8 attracted plenty of Christmas shoppers.

The vast majority of people, however they voted in 2016, seemed to be sick to death of the whole Brexit saga and just want a way for it be over.

The majority of people we spoke to thought that the only way out of it was to return the question to the people with the options clearly explained and consequences truthfully explained so there could be a considered response.

There was also much dissatisfaction expressed,at how local MPs were not making themselves available to constituents to discuss Brexit in public meetings.

The invisibility of MPs on this matter, the most important decision for decades, is shameful, whichever way people voted in 2016.

As more facts become apparent, it is incumbent on all MPs to face their constituents and take feedback, opinions and viewpoints from both the people who voted them in and those who didn’t.

The overwhelming consensus from shoppers were that they felt local MPs were not listening and they do not feel represented.

Too many MPs appear to prefer the Westminster bubble than actually meeting constituents in the streets on wet Saturday mornings.

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