ON December 1, Knutsford Rotary held a charity collection in Booth’s Supermarket.

It was held primarily to support Shelterbox and also to allow Rotary to support other charitable activities throughout the year.

On behalf of Knutsford Rotary, I would like to publicly thank Darren Jacques, Booth’s manager, and his staff for giving us permission to hold the collection and for their assistance on the day.

Many thanks also to all the Rotarians and partners who gave up their time to participate in the collection.

But most of all, I wish to thank all the good people of Knutsford who generously donated their hard earned money to a worthy cause.

It will go a long way to providing Shelterbox (at first a Rotary initiative, but now independent) with the funds to replace the ‘boxes which were recently deployed to provide the destitute people of Indonesia, who lost everything in the recent earthquake and tsunami, with immediate shelter, food and fresh water to keep them alive during the crucial period before major aid relief reached them.

Thank you again, one and all, for your support in helping us to ‘make the world a better place’.

Tony Booth Rotary Club of Knutsford