I AM very concerned about the effects of Brexit on our economy, environment and the prosperity of the UK. 
We are a Remain constituency in Tatton and the robotic repetition of the will of the people will not wash.
The uncertainty around Brexit has already had a profound effect on many big businesses in the UK. 
People don’t seem to realise that the EU has actually been investing a lot of money into Cheshire; farming will be particularly badly hit. 
Brexit is already having an extremely negative effect on the NHS and on social care with valued skilled and unskilled workers from the EU leaving the UK in droves. 
These people contribute a great deal financially to the economy. They actually pay their taxes.
When a country becomes poorer, there will be less collected in taxes and less money to spend on the essentials, such as the NHS, social care, education, policing, defence and security.
We now have a good idea of what a no deal or a Teresa May deal form of Brexit will mean whereas we did not at the time of the referendum in 2016.  
Do we really want to become poorer and risk the peace and prosperity of the (at present) UK?
Do people really want to put the very future of the NHS at risk?
Politicians have made an almighty mess of Brexit and they are hopelessly unable to agree on a way forward. 
There is absolutely nothing undemocratic about asking the people to decide on the future of our country now we actually know the facts and the consequences of Brexit. 
Everyone will be able to make an informed decision about what they see as the best future for the UK. We need a People’s Vote.
A concerned Wilmslow resident