Tatton constituency voted to Remain.

But whether you are a Brexiter or a Remainer, the Theresa May deal is lunacy.

It would be madness to take a blind leap off a cliff at the end of March, cutting adrift from the EU, with no trade deal, and handing over the £40bn, throwing away all our bargaining chips.

We would then have to go begging for a trade deal, having thrown away all our bargaining power.

The EU could then dictate terms – Macron has already said we would have to share our fishing grounds. Spain has said we would have to give way on Gibraltar.

We could be trapped in the Backstop until we submit to the EU’s terms. The PM wants to hand the country over to be absolutely screwed.

The way forward has to be: 1. Do not leave the EU at the end of March. Do not hand over the £40bn.

2. Invite the EU to negotiate detailed trade terms, while we still retain our bargaining chips.

3. When the final detailed terms are known, then have a people’s vote to decide yes or no.

D Wood