ESTHER McVey is right to resign from the government over the indefensible Brexit plan, but by advocating a hard Brexit she has chosen the wrong way to fight for what is best for the people of the UK.

The Prime Minister worked very hard to get the best possible deal but it satisfies no one, neither extreme Brexiteers like Jacob Rees- Mogg and Boris Johnson, nor Remainers who point out the uncomfortable truth that the deal we already have as a full member of the EU is better than the Prime Minister’s deal.

The promises of Brexit cannot be delivered. It would be utter madness to leave the EU without a trade deal. Perhaps someone can explain how putting up barriers to trade with the other 27 EU member states with a population of 512 million mainly prosperous consumers would make us rich?

As for trade deals with other countries, all International Trade Minister Liam Fox has to show for his efforts are his air miles.

Now we know what Brexit actually means, the best way out of this mess is to suspend Article 50 so we can have a People’s Vote with a choice between the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan or stay as we are as a full member of the EU.

Michael Palmer Wilmslow