You may recall I wrote about five years ago to complain about women drivers, and I am stirred to write again as the problem has got a lot worse.

In short, five years ago I would have said the solution is to adopt the Saudi Solution and ban women drivers altogether, but now the Saudis have defected to wretched Western values of equality, so I am making a stand on this issue and invite other readers to write in and support me.

I strongly believe that if women drivers were banned in this country, traffic congestion would be halved at a stroke.

Well, it’s obvious I suppose, but again I need to point out that young women in particular are the worst drivers, which is probably why insurers are now charging them the same as young men, as their accident rate has gone up astronomically.

I don’t suppose we will get this through parliament with a woman Prime Minister in charge, especially when she has her mind on other things, but then on the other hand, most women do have their mind on other things when driving because they erroneously believe that they can multi task. Pah!

Roger Clarke