I NOTE that there are plans to build many new homes in and around Knutsford, but seemingly few improvements are planned for the local services and infrastructure.

I moved to Guelph, Canada in 1968,when the town was rapidly expanding, and going for a stroll I came across what looked like a deserted town.

Shops, schools, roads and all services seemed to be there, but no houses.

My Canadian colleagues seemed bemused as they explained I was speaking about a new subdivision, and in Canada they always put in all the services before they build the houses.

How much more sensible than our way of doing things when we add more houses to the already overburdened services and add strain to the inadequate infrastructure. 

So if the planned houses are built then it looks as if our already over-crowded roads will get busier, and as no bypass is envisaged in the near future the towns roads will become ever more gridlocked.

As far as travel goes, we lack even basic public transport provision, having few bus services to essential services, and a train 'service' which  would be viewed with unbelievable hilarity were its failings not so serious for the travelling public.

Parking problems will be exacerbated, children will not be able to find school places and GPs will not be able to cope.

Nevertheless we shall have fulfilled  the parameters of some housing plan formulated miles away by instigators who will not have to live with the problems.

Brian Taylor