IMAGINE an electoral system in which they said ‘Look. We’re going to take the votes from two or three years ago and implement those. We know a lot’s happened since, but we think you knew what you were voting for back then so we’re going with that’.

Ridiculous? Yes, we’d be outraged.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we’re allowing to happen on Brexit.

A lot has changed since the referendum in June 2016. People were asked to vote on false promises and speculation from both sides.

We now have a much better idea of what Brexit will really mean for our NHS and our businesses, and many don’t think it’s what they were promised.

It can never be undemocratic to go back to the people. The only way we’ll heal our divided country is to give the people a vote on the facts and a chance to say ‘No, please stop this’ if they don’t like the look of them.

It’s time for all those who believe in democracy to get behind the Peoples Vote campaign as visibly and vocally as they can.

It’s our democratic right and the best way to end the interminable argument.

Ian Lloyd Jones Address supplied