REGARDING Knutsford Town Council’s unpopular decision to site a market in Princess Street on the first Sunday of every month.

It’s not acceptable to send this decision back to the same committee that set it up in the first place.

They must take a decision to move this market to another location now.

Many town centre residents have spoken to me about the disruption this market has caused, with car park access blocked for the streets off Princess Street.

The town council are trustees of the Marjorie Hurst Cottages, and so they should be well aware of the difficulties those living there have.

Residents feel intimidated when the market is on.

But the event that really frightens everyone who lives in the town centre is fire.

We all know that the whole town is interconnected by buildings and that once a fire takes hold in the town centre, it would be very difficult to control.

In such circumstances, time is of the essence, and due to the downgrade of the fire station in Knutsford to part time status, time is in ever short supply.

Part time fire fighters have to make their way to the station to meet and collect their vehicle before making their way to the town centre.

The alternative is to scramble fire fighters on permanent duty at the new Lymm fire station. Both alternatives will take at least 10 minutes to arrive in Knutsford town centre, by which time a fire will be out of control.

Princess Street is then totally blocked and they cannot gain access through that street.

Has a proper fire risk assessment been carried out by a qualified person?

It is no good saying it is unlikely to happen; it is perfectly possible to happen.

The only safe way to proceed and to properly allay and take account of residents concerns is for this market to be moved immediately.

There are numerous alternative venues it could be held at in the town limits, One lady recently suggested that it be held in the Princess Street car park behind Waitrose, where it would not block emergency services or inconvenience residents.

Please think about this, town councillors, and do the right thing for those you encouraged to live in the town centre; or do you want the centre to become a ghost town again as people vote with their feet about living there?

Richard Cussons Knutsford