ON a recent visit to Cranford Avenue during the evening rush hour I was appalled to witness the speed of travel of some of the motorists in an area where there are parked cars on both sides of the road, a number of families with young children and elderly people alike.

With all the publicity given to road safety it should be obvious to motorists that speeding is the highest risk activity undertaken by the vast majority of the population.

Nobody wants to hear of a serious injury or fatality to a pedestrian as a result of excessive speed.

Cranford Avenue is currently undergoing a trial period as a oneway system.

Surely now that there is no risk of oncoming traffic there is no need whatsoever for anyone using the road to accelerate and jeopardise human life?

As a frequent visitor to Cranford Avenue it would seem that the oneway system has brought about more economical and hence efficient parking and a calmer and tidier feel to the avenue.

What a shame if this improvement in wellbeing were to be jeopardised by the selfishness of a number of motorists.

Bob Taylor Knutsford