IN recent weeks Knutsford has apparently lost two significant community assets.

Public open space playing field green corridor in the greenbelt, subject to future planning.

Don’t hold out much hope for a suitable replacement.

A heritage building of local significance, a war memorial, by demolition.

Both decisions went against expert opinion, public opinion and could have been saved with reference to planning policies contained in national, Cheshire East and our own Neighbourhood Plans.

The town council and community groups were magnificent in their united defence and speaking up at the relevant meetings.

Imagine our sense of betrayal when we heard Cllr Tony Dean, elected to represent Knutsford at Cheshire East and a member of Knutsford Town Council, throw his support behind the officers’ decisions. On the War Memorial bulldozing, he supported the application and seconded it.

Roll on next May’s elections.

Debbie Jamison Knutsford