READERS may be aware of a decision made on October 5 by one single portfolio holder at Cheshire East, despite considerable public opposition, to dispose of locally valued and much utilised open green playing field space at Longridge/North Downs, Knutsford.

Such decisions should not be made by one single individual, which is why I am supporting a campaign to change the operational structure at Cheshire East Council.

By changing to a committee structure, decisions would have to be made in public and by a committee of elected councillors.

No more decisions could be made by just eight members of a cabinet or individuals. We would have as open and transparent a council as we could possibly get.

In this time of multiple police investigations, and staff suspensions, we need a change.

If you agree that this structure needs to be changed, please sign the petition online or ask one of many independent councillors and individuals across east Cheshire if you can sign a paper copy. You can even contact me and I’ll somehow get a copy to you to sign.

This is apolitical. It’s not about having a go at any one political party, it’s about fairer decision making.

If you can help spread the word, whether speaking to your friends and neighbours, delivering leaflets, getting signatures, please let me know.

The petition is available online at Also download a copy of the petition from changecheshireeast.

org and please get your friends and family to sign it if they are registered electors of the Cheshire East area.

Andrew Malloy Knutsford