TO site a new health centre in the proposed development in Manchester Road would result in an awful lot of missed appointments as a result of the inevitable traffic congestion.

I have referred previously to the frequently lengthy queues of vehicles approaching Knutsford, particularly on days when there is a problem on the M6.

This would become unacceptable with the addition of so many cars and commercial vehicles from the Bluebell Village and the mirror development on the opposite side of the A50.

Other problems include the significant increase in air pollution these developments would bring, pressure on the infrastructure (eg already oversubscribed schools) and the inevitable adverse effect on wildlife.

Declining bird species such as tawny owl, lapwing and yellowhammer would be displaced.

The greenbelt should be protected, not carved up for profit.

Knutsford should be allowed to remain a pleasant and historic country town, not overdeveloped and completely swamped by traffic, a deterrent to prospective visitors and shoppers, not to mention its effect on long-suffering residents.

Bob Groom, Knutsford