MR Micklewright’s letter refers to the EU politicians ‘cutting their coat according to their cloth’.

Whilst I have a lot of sympathy with the sentiment that cost control is not the EU’s major competence, I part company with him on some of his other points, in particular his reference to a ‘failed, dictatorial state’.

The EU was never meant to be a state, given that its constituent parts are the nation states of Europe.

And it fails the dictatorial test since Britain has never been subjected to any EU legislation that our elected representatives did not support. Indeed, much of the legislation governing the other member states was drafted by us.

In addition, the comment that ‘the UK electorate voted convincingly to leave’ is reminiscent of the PM’s ‘will of the people’ mantra.

Let me remind him that 17.4m is a mere 26 per cent of the population, and 37 per cent of the electorate.

Three million EU citizens living here and UK citizens living overseas for more that 15 years were denied a vote.

What exactly is ‘convincing’ about the result and between the Referendum and March 2019, more than 1.5m mostly older people will have died.

Approximately 2.2m young people will have joined the electorate.

The former group voted 60 per cent Leave, the latter 73 per cent Remain.

Do the arithmetic and the numbers tell their own story.

Besides, even though this newspaper’s online poll suggests otherwise, there is much evidence countrywide to the effect that the ‘people’ have changed their minds due to having a better understanding of the real consequences of leaving, which it is their democratic right to do.

If anyone doesn’t believe me, then support the call for a People’s Vote and let’s find out.

And recognise that the current deal we have with the EU is by far the best that anyone could hope for and tell the politicians of all persuasions to abandon this Brexit nonsense and instead govern in the interests of the country, something they have failed to do for several years.

Mike Hennessy Wilmslow