MR Micklewright’s letter about the EU is a personal opinion that has no basis in fact. The EU did not start ‘deceitfully’.

In Heath’s message to the UK on our entry into the EC, he wrote: ‘The Community which we are joining is far more than a common market. It is a community in the true sense of that term. It is concerned not only with the establishment of free trade, economic and monetary union and other major economic issues… but also with social issues… environmental questions, working conditions in industry, consumer protection, aid to development areas and vocational training. It is, in brief, concerned with improving the quality of life of the peoples of Western Europe’.

The EU has never been a ‘dictatorial state’.

One of the reasons that the ‘Chequers’ plan has not been popular is because it means accepting an EU rulebook with no say over those rules.

As EU members we were at the top table shaping the rules, designing the Single Market, influencing not only the EU, but also the world.

The EU politicians are not undiplomatic or unwise enough to now be acting with ‘hysterical animosity’ against us. They have repeatedly said they regret but respect our decision. But our own media headlines and venom towards the EU have been highly irresponsible.

The EU will represent the best interests of its remaining member states and we would do well to remember that any anger towards the EU for supposedly ‘punishing’ us for a decision we made is largely because we stand to lose so many of the benefits and friction free trading arrangements that have served us so well over the past 40 years.

Enough of the resentful rage. We need to carefully consider now how much of our success comes from team-working in an increasingly globalised world.

We need to have a positive and progressive relationship with our closest European neighbours and trading partners. And that won’t come from peddling myths and stirring up resentment.

Sarah Murphy Address supplied