WHILST the coverage in last week’s Guardian of the short Brexit poll was interesting, what is clear is that opinions are shifting the more we learn.

In the past few days we have discovered that Brexit is costing the public purse £500m a week, one of the country’s biggest food suppliers to hospitals, schools, prisons and pubs has held talks with customers about switching to vegetarian dishes to avoid meat shortages should a no deal Brexit take place, and HM Revenue and Customs has written to 145,000 firms that trade only with the EU warning them of potential no deal problems.

It is clear that the Brexit process has been disastrous and the government is not capable of presenting a way forward. Surely what is now needed is the chance for everyone to have their say including the approximately 2.2m young people who have joined the electorate since the referendum nearly two and half years ago. We must all have our voices heard by way of a People’s Vote.

David Philpoy Address supplied