I WAS delighted to read in last week’s Opinion about Rachel Bailey’s concern for our countryside and reducing farmers’ environmental footprint, as she referred to the new Agricultural Bill.

We have to make sure that our fantastic countryside is left in a good state for future generations.

I trust therefore that as leader of Cheshire East Council, Rachel will be at the forefront of proposing a motion to oppose the government’s plans to make drilling for shale gas permitted development, resulting eventually in many hundreds of wells and infrastructure right across our fantastic countryside.

Research has shown fracking effects people’s health, particularly within half a mile of operations.

It is a risk to ground and aquifer water, and will not act as a bridging fuel to tackle climate change.

I look to Cheshire East Council to do the right thing whilst the government’s consultation takes place until October 25, 2018.

Anybody may object at gov.uk/ government/consultations/ permitted-development-for-shalegas- exploration.

Nigel Hennerley Green Party, High Legh