SO two traders and the town clerk are mounting a campaign to ‘save’ the Makers Market.

Is there anyone apart from Richard Cussons who is prepared to stand up and be counted for us residents in Silkmill Street?

Do these two traders have to put up with no access to their vehicles on 12 days every year?

Do they have to endure the noise of the set up at 6am and the take down later in the day?

Do they have to hustle their way through the crowds to go anywhere on these days?

Do they have the worry of not having fire service cover on these days despite the fact that all the housing is very close together, and fire in one premise will spread rapidly through the town, and even more so now that there is no permanent presence at the Knutsford Fire station?

And do they have the worry of having elderly people dependant on an ambulance gaining access to their street, not being able to do so?

It reminds me of the very disappointing way that the council refused to pedestrianise King Street despite overwhelming support from the public, because 100 traders said no. Commercial interests always win, even if it doesn’t mean the best result.

But remember, business doesn’t vote, whereas us residents do, and come election time, we will mount a campaign against any councillor who does not listen to our concerns about the siting of this market.

Jo Carter Silkmill Street