WE fully agree with the article in last week’s Guardian and all the comments by Mr Cousins and residents about the effects of the Makers Market.

Back in June we had a letter published, expressing our concerns about access for emergency vehicles and health and safety risks for the public and residents. The town clerk dismissed our concerns, saying that there was no breach of safety because of ginnel access.

We thought, how many fire engines and ambulances can you get up a ginnel?

But the Guardian article claims that people have to be stretchered out because the ambulance cannot reach them.

Isn’t it about time the town council stopped discussing this and listened to the residents of Knutsford, and find a better place for the market?

After all, the residents elected them and as council tax payers, pay their wages and expenses.

It’s about time residents were given more respect and consideration to their health, safety and everyday life and should be given priority.

JW & FJ Woolcock Woodside