I WAS walking past Giovanni’s restaurant on King Street on Thursday morning and I passed an elderly lady who was crossing King Street.

As she got mid-way across the street, she tripped and fell head first onto the road.

She immediately started groaning and bleeding.

I helped her back to one of the seats outside the restaurant and called an ambulance.

Whilst we were waiting for the ambulance, I studied the road and noticed that in several places, there is a noticeable ridge in the middle (where a previous repair had only been done on one side and the unrepaired side had subsided).

The ridge is a couple of centimetres high in places, making it an obvious trip hazard.

Given the number of people who cross King Street each day, I was concerned that this is likely to happen to other people soon, so once the lady was in the ambulance, I phoned Cheshire East and reported the problem and suggested that it be repaired as soon as possible.

The lady I spoke to took my details, so I assumed someone would call me back to confirm that it would be addressed immediately.

That was Thursday morning. I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar accident since then, but the ridge is still there and I have heard nothing back from Cheshire East.

Should issues such as this, where there is a dangers of injury to pedestrians, not be addressed immediately?

Duncan Selkirk Via email