George Berry is to be congratulated on his letter demanding that those who voted Remain in the Brexit referendum face the facts.

It seems he was successful in including more inflammatory comments in one short letter than seemed possible.

Certainly to reply to each one could not be done in equally short measure. However there is one particular aspect of his opinion that demands a response.  

I do not agree with those who voted for Brexit.

I believe it to be a mistake of enormous proportions but only the history books will know whether the choice was in fact correct.

However what I would not dream of doing is insulting the right of those to make that choice in the ‘greatest democratic exercise in our country’s history’.

Those who voted to remain have a different idea of what is best for the future of this country and those ideas are no less valid that Mr Berry’s.

His comments that to vote Remain makes us weak-kneed, defeatist and under the thumb of Brussels is insulting and arrogant.   As is the suggestion that our Remain vote means we in some way love our country less or that we lack national pride.   National pride is a love and devotion for ones country, also known as patriotism.

Nationalism is a belief that your own country is better than all others, rooted in rivalry and resentment.

I think Mr Berry is confusing the two and in doing so has no right to criticise those who hold a different opinion to his.   He may want his great country back but with attitudes such as his I fear he may only get Little Britain. 

Catherine Gasparini