Given that Knutsford town councillor Jonathan Farber is a) on the events committee, and b) could walk from his house to the Heath where the Pub in the Park event had originally been planned, I can quite see why he was disappointed that the event went to the Lambing Shed instead.

However, as a town councillor – elected by the local populace – to berate his electorate as a ‘tiny minority of naysayers’ is disrespectful towards those whom he serves.

And perhaps it is not a ‘tiny minority’.

I wonder if all the residents who live on the estates and roads off both Manchester Road and Northwich Road were polled, whether Mr Farber might be even more disappointed to discover that his enthusiasm for big pop up events might not be widely shared.

Sometimes Knutsford Town Council forgets that most of us don’t live in Knutsford because there are all these events.

Most of us live here because it’s a very pleasant town.

It would be even more pleasant if we could actually get in to it whenever we need to, rather than plan our trips to the bank and supermarkets at times where we might have the best chance of not sitting in yet another traffic jam, or paying 60p (in reality, usually £1), just to go to the post office or to the bank.

Oh, and by the way – some of the reasons the Lambing Shed is so popular is that it has great food, is reasonably priced and we can all park there for free.

Lisa Pritchard