My heartburn at the proposed new housing projects encircling Knutsford might have stopped there but for the thought that the centre of Knutsford is liable to a heart attack.

Take Kings Street and Princes Street.

Such narrow arteries, stents could not widen; then Church Hill and Minshull Street like mitral valves regulating blood flow from the upper to the lower chamber frequently subject to prolapse where vehicles cannot pass.

And not to mention Canute Square roundabout accepting traffic from and to all quarters prone to seizure morning, noon and night and the town is in overload now.

First and foremost, the appropriate authorities should recognise this fact and authorise a triple heart bypass for Knutsford before giving the various new housing projects the go-ahead.

As for me, I shall resort to my Rennies having got that off my chest.

Peter Healey