There have been a number of letters over the last few weeks calling for a people’s vote on leaving the EU.

Well, we had one of those in 2016, it was called a referendum.

It wasn’t the government who decided we should leave, it was ‘the people’.

The question was simple: Should the UK leave the EU?

The people voted to leave in the biggest voter turnout than in any general election.

Some who didn’t agree with the result (those who voted remain) think that a democratic vote can be overturned simply because they don’t agree with it.

One important point they’re missing is that now Article 50 has been triggered, we cannot say to Brussels, ‘Oh sorry, we’ve changed our mind’.

The UK would have to apply to join again, and, given the spiteful and arrogant attitude coming from the EU Commission in the past two years, one can only wonder what kind of deal this country would be offered.

Our trade outside the EU, under WTO rules, is greater that the declining one with Europe.

What I find most disheartening is the idea that this country needs to part of an unelected, wasteful and bureaucratic institution, and cannot find its own way in the world.

The vote was taken democratically. It was a people’s vote.

Leonard Wynne