AS a local Ollerton resident, I would like to comment on the new development proposal for Ollerton Oaks.

The reduced number of houses (16 is better than the previous proposed number of 45, then 34 ), would suit this area of land, with fair sized gardens.

Although I have no objection to the revised figure of 16 homes being built on this site, going by the artist’s impression in the Guardian, I feel the style of architecture is not suitable. The style of these homes should be more traditional, blending in with other houses and cottages in our village.

What I do object to is the proposal to develop office space on this land, providing employment for around five people.

To my knowledge, the previous employment in Ollerton Nursery was just two people. Building offices on this site will in effect turn the area into an industrial site.

Perhaps a community shop/post office could be a good idea – we used to have a shop/post office near to this site, which sadly closed down many years ago.

Peter Davison Ollerton